A Decentralized Graph Database.

Completely peer to peer, the Graphen Protocol is the first system of its kind to guarantee privacy, security and accuracy for both data storage and manipulation.

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Anti-Money Laundering

The Graphen Protocol offers for the first time ever the ability for its clients to collaborate on AML without having to trust a third party. Contact us for our Sales Deck!

A Semantic Internet

Imagine a huge knowledge graph, where everybody can contribute information in a structured way. It will be the next step towards a smarter, collaborative internet.

Blockchain dApp Database

A decentralized graph database to work in conjunction with smart contract platforms to build the next generation of Web 3.0 dApps.

Leveraging the Power of Decentralization

Two enormous paradigm shifts are happening in the world right now. The first one is the discovery of new cryptographic algorithms that allow us to remove "trust" from the equation when interacting with strangers on the Internet.

The second one is happening within Big Tech companies' data centers: they are starting to hit a bandwidth "wall" and are looking for drastically new solutions that could provide a step function improvement over the current techniques.

Amongst their many implications, these two shifts will allow decentralized networks of personal devices to gain an edge over cloud computing data centers. This process of decentralization has ramifications of its own, such as: improved security, privacy & data ownership.

The Graphen Protocol leverages this shift in order to offer the first truly decentralized graph database. We expect it to offer hypercompetitive prices dictated by dynamic demand and supply, virtually unlimited scalibility, and increased security.


The Graphen protocol leverages various cryptographic (Merkle Patricia trees...) and economic (Staking mechanisms...) techniques to ensure the security of your data.


If you choose for your data to be private, it will be encrypted with a special type of homomorphic encryption. Queries on your data will also be encrypted and will still be efficient.


Masternodes (the graph hosts) on our system are strongly incentivized to verify and check each other's data to ensure the accuracy of the overall system.


As our number of users and masternodes grow, the hosting of graphs will become cheaper and cheaper until, eventually, it'll overtake all other current cloud database solutions in terms of costs.


The Graphen Protocol enables individuals and entities alike to collaborate in a wide variety of ways. They can share costs, information and work together without being able to read each other's data.

Fault Tolerant

Each graph created and updated on the network is extremely fault tolerant. Each graph is replicated on machines accross the world who have no knowledge of each other's real identity.

0 Data breach incidents in 2018 according to a Verizon investigation report
0 US Dollars needed on average to store 1GB of data on the Ethereum blockchain
0 Percent of global data and analytics technology decision-makers are employing graph databases